Back to Basic: Memperkenalkan Diri Sendiri (Introduce myself) – FORMAL

만나서 반갑습니다.
제 이름은 (name)입니다.
저는 (old)살입니다.
제 취미는 “노래”입니다.
저는 (city/country)에 살고 있습니다.

Mannaseo bangabseumnida.
Je ireumeun (name)imnida.
Jeoneun (old) sal-imnida .
Je chwimineun ‘nolae’ imnida.
Jeoneun (city/country)e salgo issseumnida.

Bahasa Indonesia/Melayu & (English):
Hello/Hai. (Hi)
Senang bertemu Anda. (Nice to meet you)
Nama saya (nama). (My name is (name))
Umur saya (umur). (I am (old) years old).
Hobby saya ‘bernyanyi’. (My hobby is ‘singing’)
Saya tinggal di (kota/negara). ( I live in (city/country)).
Terimakasih. (Thank you)

Semoga Bermanfaat 🙂

16 Responses to Back to Basic: Memperkenalkan Diri Sendiri (Introduce myself) – FORMAL

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